Funk Transmissions

Repair and Supply of Parts for Funk Transmissions

If you are operating Funk Transmissions in your machinery then ETS (UK) have the expertise to help you keep your equipment working. Funk models such as the 2263 that are commonly found in Airport Pushback Tractors are held in stock.

If you operate Agricultural Machinery then large tractors such as Caterpillar, Claas & New Holland have all used the Funk 9300 16 Speed Transmissions. In the event of a Funk Transmission failure ETS (UK) are able to offer a comprehensive overhaul service.

For customers wishing to repair their own units we have a large stock of genuine Funk parts and also Funk core units that can be stripped for good used parts, keeping your repair costs to an absolute minimum. With over 30 years experience of reconditioning and repairing Funk transmissions we will give you expert advice and return your machine to work quickly and cost efficiently.

Please contact us for more information.