Allison Transmissions

Repair and Supply of Parts for Allison Transmissions

ETS (UK) Limited specialise in the supply and repair of Allison transmission parts. We offer Service Exchange Allison Transmissions from stock. Models such as AT545, MT643, MD3000, HD4000, HT750, CLBT754, CLBT755, CLBT5000, CLBT6000 & DP8000 series units are held in stock for immediate despatch. If your particular model is not available then your old unit can be overhauled quickly and cost effectively.

We have over 30 years experience with reconditioning and repairing powershift transmissions and have the expertise to advise you and find the best solution to any problems you may encounter. If you operate machinery that uses Allison Transmissions then we can cater for your every requirement and keep your downtime to a minimum.

Please contact us for more information.