Repair of Volvo Torque Converters and Supply of Parts

Here at ETS we are specialists in the repair, remanufacture and refurbishment of Volvo Industrial Torque Converters. We have invested in modern testing and balancing equipment, enabling us to keep repairs in house resulting in quicker turnaround and cost saving while meeting OEM specifications. We have over 35 years experience so you can rely on us to get your machine back up and running with minimum downtime. We have advantage of being centrally located in the UK. Note: we don’t deal with torque converters for cars.

The part numbers for some fo the Volvo torque converters we can repair are:
11038776 | 11038440 | 11038442 | 11038454 | 11038829 | 11037271 | 11037498 | 11038455 |
17264483 | 11144962

Types of equipment includes:
Wheeled Loading Shovels, Articulated Dump Trucks, On-Highway Trucks – RCV’s.

Models include (series):
L20, L30, L40, L50, L60, L70, L90, L110, L120, L150, L180, L220, L350
A25, A30, A35, A40, T450

Transmission Models include:
PT1560 | PT1562 | PT1563 | PT1660 | PT1661 | PT1662 | PT1663 | PT1761 | PT1860 | PT1862 | PT1863 | PT2106 | PT2116 | PT2509 | PT2519 | PT2529 | HT Series

Volvo Torque Converter Repair

How we repair / remanufacture Volvo Torque Converters

Our trained personnel split open the torque converter on the central weld on our industrial lathe, then they are de-greased and inspected for worn/failed parts, all worn/failed parts replaced, necks can be manufactured, units are next fully re-assembled to OEM specifications, our electronic rotary programmed welder machine will re-seal/weld the torque converter, then unit is fully pressure tested, finally all units are laser balanced on our latest balancing equipment to ensure full operational requirements are met.

Lock-up plates, seals, bearings, thrusts are replaced as standard. All remanufactured units are covered by a 12 month warranty.

We can repair your transmission at the same time and and with the refurbished torque converter we can offer a full test to meet OEM specifications,on our purpose built test rigs.

Extensive Parts Range

We stock a wide range of exchange units and spare parts for Volvo torque converters that are available for immediate despatch.

Please contact us for more information.

Volvo Torque Converter Refurbishment